Debt Funding

Urban Lending Finance Limited has financing solutions for everybody is a well-established and recognized investment and financial company.

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Equity and Debt Finance for Corporates

  1. Strategic Partnerships
  2. Private Equity by Institutions
  3. Trade FinanceFinance
  4. Working Capital : Facilities
  5. Buyer’s and Seller’s Credits
  6. Equipment and Machinery Lease Finance
  7. Project Finance
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Debt Funding

Urban Lending Finance Limited has financing solutions for everybody is a well-established and recognized investment and financial company. Obtaining the finance for your business needs can sometimes be difficult.

We aim to make everything simple, quick and transparent. Our policy of focusing and developing the quality of our product offering rather than adopting a quantity-based approach has helped facilitate and secure our continued growth even in recent times of global economic hardship.

The careful consideration and conservative approach that we apply to each and every loan, and our policy of brokering riskier loans to other companies has opened up new income streams and helped diversify our product offering, meaning more secure investments for our loyal clients.

Urban Lending Finance Limited helps deliver value and growth by assisting businesses and entrepreneurs with corporate finance arrangements and strategic consulting services to finance their businesses and projects. Urban Lending Finance Limited offers multiple options to meet almost every finance requirement and assists clients to get the best finance offered by the market leaders at the best interest rates. We arrange financing and funding for companies through various banking and financing institutions.

We add value to our services thanks to our experience, expertise and established working relations with various financing institutions. We are fast and efficient in our dealings and get the deal done in a short period of time.

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Private Equity by Institutions
  • Trade FinanceFinance
  • Working Capital : Facilities
  • Buyer’s and Seller’s Credits
  • Equipment and Machinery Lease Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Islamicetc

During the recession, several difficult financing deals have been concluded in record times and we are currently holding mandates for arranging finance for major private sector companies as well as publicly traded and government related institutions.

We protect information and maintain strict confidentiality of our client’s information and the deals. We have proven track record and we understand the market challenges and business finance requirements and can assist you with flexible and comprehensive financing solutions that will help your business meet growth, expansion and cash flow requirements.

You can choose from a range of comprehensive finance options that cater to individuals as well as businesses.

Our team will help you select the best solution to suit your needs and then personalize it to fit your specific requirements. Finance approval is subject to submission of required and relevant documentation along with your application.

For all inquiries and guidelines on our debt external financing, contact the CFO with cfo@Urban Lending Finance