Urban Lending Finance Limited

A gateway for companies wanting to enter the Middle East market.

we venture into businesses across all types of industries and at any stage within their business cycle.

  • We are leading consumer market and a popular tourist destination.
  • We have geared our current efforts towards expansion, with a strong focus on the retail sector.
  • Since inception, we have mirrored the region’s growth across a number of industries and are increasing our presence in the market.

Mr Bülent Sentürk
(Senior Loan Advisory and Broker)

Better Solutions For Your Business

We have Disciplined Investment Strategy

Featured Service

Featured Service

  • We apply an investment strategy for opportunities that are diversified and global in scope.

Business Development

Since its conception, Urban Lending Finance Limited has


Debt Funding

Urban Lending Finance Limited has financing solutions
for everybody


Education & Healthcare

As part of its strategy to diversify


Investment Approach

Urban Lending Finance Limited provides bespoke, private debt-based financing solutions to mid-market companies; private equity buyout investors and management led sponsorless transactions in need of development financing or debt restructuring solutions in the Europe, Africa and Asia. Urban Lending Finance Limited financing is appropriate for a wide range of investment

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